Friday, April 06, 2007

MASN Stinks

I forgot to point this out the other day, but better late than never.

Those graphical geniuses at Peter Angelos' MASN network were at it again. First, they misidentified our star third baseman as "Brian Schneider."

Then the other day, in the one game we won (remember that? Wasn't that a good time?), their graphics person got a bit trigger happy at the end of the game.

I know that'd make Dmitri even happier, but...

  • Meanwhile, it's Jerome Williams (watch how much he looks like Livan) against Micah Owings (another pitcher on my roto team, again telling you the quality of it). Owings is making his first major league start, and I can't tell you a damn thing about him, other than something I'm stealing from the Times: he's only the third player in MLB history with the name Micah. I'm pretty sure you can name one other!

    The game appears to be on MASN2, which means you'll be flipping to figure out where it's on. MASN's website has a nifty little widget at the top to let you know which channel to tune into. There's a 1-800 number you can call, too, which I'd recommend doing over and over and over and over again at all hours of the night, draining extra nickels out of Mr. Angelos' overcompensated pockets.

    Kory Casto's out of the lineup, and Chris Snelling gets the start in his place, batting second. Other than that, it's the same.

    Enjoy! And let's get some Farkin' runs!!!


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