Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Fun With Pythagoras

The inimitable DC Sports Bog stole my post idea, so go read the dirty details on how woeful the 'pace' of the Nats is. When you're talking about the 1930 Philadelphia Phillies (they of the 102 losses in 154 games), it's enough to make you cry.

Meanwhile, let's see what Mr. Pythagoras has to say. Remember, there's a general relationship between the runs a team scores and allows and its winning percentage. (Runs Scored ^2) / ((Runs Scored ^2) + (Runs Allowed ^2))

Plug in our 5 runs scored and our 18!? runs allowed, and what do you get? 12 wins and 150 losses.

It's kinda early to be adopting the lovable losers tag, ain't it?