Thursday, March 08, 2007

Fouled-Off Bunts: Trying To Be Brief Edition

I was having a conversation with someone the other day about how little the war has impacted people because so many people in this country don't know someone who's been overseas. It's certainly not like Vietnam or WWII, where huge segments of the population were shipped around the world. It's one thing to read about it in the paper; it's another when you know someone who's actually been deployed.

Ryan Church is now in the latter. His brother is headed overseas, and the Post has a look at how it's affecting Ryan and his family.

It's trite to say, especially because there's no chance in hell that his family is reading this, but I wish him luck and safety. He certainly has my gratitude.

  • Patterson looked good, but then again he was pitching against minor leaguers.

  • Jason Simontacchi was decent, especially when you take out the wind-blown homer. He has decent enough control, and he pounded the strikezone, but that can actually be a problem when you have marginal stuff like he does.

  • Jason Bergmann pitched very effectively in relief. I've not been his biggest fan, given his meager results with the Nats, but maybe he's found something? Or maybe he's just facing a mediocre Astros lineup.

  • MASN interviewed him during the game, and apparently, he has been a school teacher in the offseason. Interesting stuff! I wonder what he teaches. Anyone know?

  • Nook Logan took another Ofer. He's having the spring that Ryan Church had last year.

  • The Post had a nice look at Giant Jon Rauch yesterday. He really prefers relieving to starting because he thinks it keeps his arm healthier.

  • Zimmerman's agent is still in town. The Nats have until Sunday to get him under contract. Remember, they can basically give him whatever pittance they want.

  • The Nats wore ugly blue camo caps in today's game for Armed Forces Appreciation Day. I'm not going to make a LERNER IS CHEAP!!!! joke and point out that they couldn't even be bothered to pay for a Nats' logo on the hat.

  • Read any good anti Will Caroll screeds lately?

  • A guest post at Federal Baseball breaks down how error prone the Nats' defense was last year.

  • NFA has the rundown on the new Player Development Director.

  • OMG looks ahead and worries about the complete lack of power this team has. (Plus, some jerk mocks me in the comments!)

  • Banks looks even closer at the spring training sample size problem (in terms of evaluations), noting how few actual pitches that means.

  • Nats320 says "Good Riddance" to Tony Womack. Maybe next time, Tony'll think to have a beer with a connected blogger.

  • Nats Power wants to know when it's appropriate to boo. 1) When Guzman exists. 2) When Randy St. Claire makes his third mound visit of the inning. (Do you suppose that they're going to have to resod the path to the dugout by May?)

  • In case you care, Space Ghost Stadium has better food options than RFK. ARAMARK SUCKS!

  • And finally.... Jim Bowden on the hot seat? I believe the first part of that rumor, not the second. What's the second? Click it, dammit.


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