Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wieters Or Bust

Tomorrow's the big day. All I know is that if Matt Wieters is available, which reading the tea leaves seems like a strong possibility, I'm going to be very disappointed if they don't select him.

Wieters is a switch-hitting catcher out of Georgia Tech with a pretty good batting eye and knowledge of the strike zone. Minor league guru John Sickles believes that he's the most completecollege player in the draft.

The reason he'd fall to us is the reason I'd be upset if the Nats don't select him: signability. Wieters is represented by Scott Boras, and is rumored to be wanting a major-league contract and a large signing bonus on the order of $10 million.

A major-league contract would not mean that the team has to carry him on the active roster, but that he'd have to be placed on the 40-man. The downside to the team is that it starts eating away option years, effectively forcing the team to hurry him to the majors, because he'll have less time than other prospects to develop. Now if he's as polished as everyone says, that's not really a problem. But...

Regardless, since day 1, this team has repeatedly explained how they will do what it takes to run a first-rate organization and giving in to Boras' and Wieters' demands (as much as it would annoy me -- and Kasten, no doubtedly!), it would be a good faith effort given the slashing of this year's payroll, and the likely giant wad of cash they'll be rolling in next year, even if they bump the payroll up to the $60-70 million range.

If they really mean what they say, they'll take Wieters if he's available.

  • NFA is high on Wieters, too.

    Kevin Goldstein of BPro
    thinks he'll fall to the Nats.

    So does Bryan Smith.

    We'll find out in about 14 hours.


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