Thursday, May 17, 2007

What Next?

I hope Uncle Ted clipped the 2-for-1 MRI coupon in last Sunday's Post. Jason Bergmann reported elbow soreness and went for one. No damage, but they'll hold him out of his next start, which is scheduled for Saturday.

The WaPo link above indicates that there was fluid, which is usually just a sign of general inflammation. Most likely (and yeah, I'm wishing here), it's just something like tendinitis. If that's the case, rest usually solves that. It is, however, generally a warning sign that either he's working too much, or that there's something in his motion that's irritating the elbow/arm.

OMG has been sounding the warning signs on Bergmann's workload for a while now, most recently right after his last start (good timing!). It's an interesting point; he was mostly a reliever in the minors, and now he's been asked to carry a pretty big workload. He threw 110 pitches Monday night, and although I didn't track it, a large number of them were breaking pitches -- his slider was deadly. It's no wonder that he'd be experiencing some arm stiffness after that.

So hopefully, it's just something that needs some rest.

If not? Gulp.

As it is, Micah Bowie gets the emergency start on Sunday. Bowie hasn't started a game since 1999, and it's likely he'll get the Speigner "please give me 4 innings" treatment. (It's also a pain, because Bowie pitches s-l-o-w-l-y, making us long for the up-tempo pacing of Tony Armas)

It's going to be an interesting decision, because the Nats are bumping up against the limits of the 40-man roster. They've got a few more players they could slide to the 60-day DL, like Alex Escobar or Mike O'Connor. Joel Hanrahan and Emiliano Fruto are on the 40-man, but both are on the DL for Columbus. Mike Hinckley is in AA, but he's been knocked around for 3 straight starts (perhaps he's injured, too?).

Are we at the point where we'd consider bringing in a crapbag pitcher like El Gordo Ponson for a spot start or two? Man, I hope not.

It'll also be interesting to see what they'd do with the 25-man, especially if they don't DL Bergmann -- as it seems like they're trying to avoid. Does someone like Saul Rivera get sent down because he's one of the few with options left, despite his long streak of scoreless IP? Does Winny Abreu say Sayonara? We'll find out!

  • It's a rare day when Federal Baseball makes the same points I make in fewer words.


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