Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hey, How's That Ramon Ortiz Signing Working Out?

That well?
It took a month, but the Twins and their fans are now getting a good, long look at the real Ortiz. For as good as he is and as many mini-miracles as he's worked, not even Rick Anderson can turn a horrible 34-year-old pitcher into something other than a horrible 34-year-old pitcher. Ortiz has lost four straight decisions and sports a 12.27 ERA over his last three outings, all of them losses.

When asked about last night's disaster, Anderson talked as if Ortiz was temporarily broken, no doubt thinking that a few tweaks can turn him right back into the guy who pitched well to begin the season. That won't happen, because that pitcher doesn't actually exist. The good starts that came from Ortiz last month were the "broken" part, much like if Shaquille O'Neal somehow rattled off a dozen straight made free throws.