Sunday, April 01, 2007

NL Preview


Philadelphia Phillies (92-70)
It's high and outside
now Burrell strides to the plate
bombarded with boos

New York Mets (90-72)
He rounds second base
feet barely touching the ground
wishing he could pitch

Atlanta Braves (88-74)
The old men sit back
wondering where their youth went
and why so few rings

Florida Marlins (69-93)
Rain, rain go away
and take Loria with you
before the kids melt

Washington Nationals (68-94)
Appease the masses
with brisket and circuses
for a small fee -- natch


St. Louis Cardinals (89-73)
Napping at the light
reeking of booze, with tattoo,
dreaming of Pujols

Chicago Cubs (88-74)
Giant bags of cash
are tossed on to the field
like homers allowed

Milwaukee Brewers (86-76)
On the verge for years
big money went to Suppan;
Need three Sheets to win

Cincinnati Reds (77-85)
Pitchers thank their fates:
With Dunn and Griffey behind,
short wall stops the ball

Houston Astros (73-89)
Grazing in the grass
the large mammal stands ready
to butcher a play

Pittsburgh Pirates (70-92)
Pity the poor fans
LaRoche not only one with
attention deficit


Arizona Diamondbacks (86-76)
Pounded to the ground
rolling weakly to Hudson,
batters caught by Webb

San Diego Padres (85-77)
Old men by the sea
former Marlin holding on
death grip to change-up

Los Angeles Dodger (84-78)
Codgers take the field
with the smell of liniments
trailing like their score

San Francisco Giants (74-88)
Give me your tired
your aging and your infirm

Colorado Rockies (74-88)
High up on the mount
Lopez sprints to make his play
backing up third base


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