Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Go North, Young, Men

The Nats pretty much finished the last piece of the puzzle when they purchased reliever Jesus Colome's contract (put him on the 40-man roster). Since they were likely to lose him if they didn't, he's heading north, sending Saul River (who has options left) to Columbus.

It also means tough luck for Kory "Don't Call Me Bernie" Castro. If Nook Logan's groin isn't tender and meaty, then there's no room for Casto.

So what're we left with?

Catchers (2): Brian Schneider, Jesus "No, not that one" Flores
First base (2): Dmitri "Meathook" Young, Robert "Unprintable Swear" Fick
Second base (2): Felipe "FLop" Lopez, Ron "Rafael" Belliard
Shortstop (2): Cristian "Weak Groundout" Guzman, Josh Wilson
Third base (1): Ryan Zimmerman
Left field (2): Ryan "Temple of Doomed" Church, Chris "Outback" Snelling
Center field (1): Nook "Endy 3.0" Logan
Right Field (1): Austin Kearns
Total: 13

Starting pitchers (5): John "Doe Eyes" Patterson, Shawn "Hoser" Hill, Matt "Boy" Chico, Jerome "5-0" Williams, Jason "Ingrid" Bergmann
Relievers (7): Chad Cordero, Jon "El Gigante" Rauch, Ryan Wagner, Ray "Whopper" King, Micah Bowie, Jesus "No, not that one" Colome, Levale "Nickname me, please" Speigner

Them's who we're going to war with. As long as Uncle Teddy doesn't yank funding, at least.


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