Saturday, March 31, 2007

Damn You, Nationals!!!!

Nats Triple Play went to the stupidly priced exhibition game today, where the cheap-ass team forced everyone to pay full price to watch minor leaguers. They came back disappointed by the experience, and relay this bit of horrid news:
First, for those who didn't check it out, Hard Times Cafe is gone from the food court, replaced by a lesser hot dog vendor.

I can't think of a response to this which doesn't involve 1) some sort of hex upon the Lerners and every single one of their spawn or 2) various things which would result in the police and/or FBI knocking on my door.

Oh, sure, the overpriced, minuscule, shoeleather brisket's still there, I bet.

But NO CHILI NACHOS???? What price your soul, Messrs Lerner and Kasten? What price your soul?


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