Sunday, March 25, 2007

Major League Spleen Venting

First, more roster crap, thanks in part to our friends at Les Poste.

Looks like Casto gets the start in left. Church moves to center (with Logan going on the DL) and Snelling rotting on the bench. But given the defense described in the aforlinked post, they should just give Casto a 1B mitt and be done with it.

If I'm reading the press release right, then it appears that Tim Redding, Billy Traber and the forgotten Jermaine Van Buren have all stepped aboard the Columbus Clipper. (Also, Luzinski Jimenez was sent to the minors, giving Josh Wilson the backup IF job.)

I probably missed a thing or six in there, but we've got a week. I'll beat it into the ground between now and then.

  • Now for the spleen venting. And for a change, it's not me. The natives are restless and they're taking it out on teh blawgs. Nats 320's post on season tickets indicates that he has a ton of angry readers. And Svrluga's morning post has become a vent-o-thon.

    Meanwhile, we better pray that the sun doesn't start melting away the snow pack near the Nats' ticket printing office in Saskatchewan, otherwise they're not going to be getting these sleds full of tickets to DC in time.

  • Could today have been more beautiful? Plenty of sun. No DC-style humidity. Just warm enough that a light jacket was all you needed. Perfect, perfect weather. I ventured out to Blackwater Refuge near Cambridge, MD (home of the eagle cam!).

    The highlight of the trip was the pair of bald eagles we saw facing off against a pair of osprey over a smaller section of water. The eagles were gliding along, presumably looking for something scaly to munch on, when the osprey would start squawking at them with a call that sounds like a child's chuckle doll. The osprey then made a few dive bombing runs at the much larger birds. When the osprey got near, the eagles would thrust their talons upwards, taking a slash while flying nearly upside down. The osprey backed off -- smart boys! -- flew around a bit, then made another run, until the eagles decided that it'd just be easier to go someplace else.

    On the way back, my girlfriend and I stopped off at a crab house and watched the sun set over the bay while we stuffed ourselves with fresh fish. It doesn't get much better than that.

    I guess there was a game today, but, really, does it matter?