Friday, March 23, 2007

Santa Kasten

It's Christmas in March! The Nats finally got off their lazy non-ticket-printing keisters and released the bare bones promo schedule. (You're probably wondering if I'm ever happy)

The highlight is the four Presidential Bobbleheads, tho the line of the night on that comes from Ball Wonk: "[H]as anyone really ever said to themselves, "Man, I wish I had some Thomas Jefferson merchandise"? Because if anyone ever has said that to himself, Monticello is right there in Virginia with a gift shop and everything."

It's interesting that most of the big promos are coming on Saturday games against good teams, because those games should be able to draw a larger crowd without the schwag.

Of course, given how it looks like there's still room for about 25,000 of your closest friends on opening day (PLENTY of good seats still available!), they might need all the help you can get.

(Did you notice how the radio has stopped using the line "Come make Opening Day the largest crowd to ever see a baseball game at RFK" or however they phrased it?)

  • UPDATE! This is awesome. This team really makes it hard to not make the THEY'RE CHEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAP jokes sometimes!

    There are 11 promotions on the initial promo schedule. Of those 11, only 3 of them are not on a "premium" (read: more expensive) game. If you want the crap they're offering, you're going to be paying $5-$10 more for it. Lovely. You're buying your own Bobblehead.

    The only dates that don't require you to buy your own junk is 4/4 on Schedule Magnet night. (Buck says they hand out the ones from last year that they never passed out) And 5/11 and 5/13, Cooler and Baseball Card nights respectively.

    (To continue my petulant whining, I'd point out that the promos are unfairly imbalanced amongst the mini ticket plans, but that's really not anything they'd concern themselves with. The $200 bucks I'm giving them really isn't worth the effort)

    Just be happy that your bobblehead money is going to a good cause. The minors really need our money. And we cannot ask our elected leaders to piss in anything but the finest private bathrooms. (Or hosting parties to open buildings not related to the team, but for the owner's exclusive benefit)


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