Saturday, March 24, 2007

Old Friends, New Places, Same Attitude

Our good friend Jose Guillen is salivating. He's looking forward to playing the Angels.
"Against these guys, I'm gonna tell you straightforward, the anger comes out of me," the Mariners right fielder said Friday. "I want to kill all those guys."

At this point, the writer explains that he didn't mean "kill" in a literal sense, which indicates to me that the writer hasn't been around Jose too long.
"I (wish) we could play them 162 times. That's going to be my motivation. And trust me, that's not good when Jose Guillen gets motivated. I really step up to a really different level."

So far this spring, he's 5-7 with two homers, two doubles and five RBI.

It's a shame they only play 19 times this year.

(thanks to the always helpful USS Mariner)