Thursday, March 22, 2007

Don't Make CSPAN Angry

Via dcrtv... A spokesman for C-Span is whining that Comcast is putting MASN2 on CSPAN2's channel when there are Nats and Orioles games on at the same time.

"At C-SPAN, we are not very happy that in this market -- the home of all of the staffers and senators and everyone who uses C-SPAN's programming for their livelihood and their special interests -- we are not very happy about going off in this market, particularly for baseball games," C-SPAN vice president of affiliate relations Peter Kiley"

Shouldn't those Senators actually be legislatin' instead of watching others legislatin' on TV? They've got closed-circuit TV in the buildings, so the only way this would effect them is if they were off in their VA homes, desperately waiting for the latest BookTV interview with Joyce Carol Oates. Cry me a river.

Besides, these are all patriotic Americans, right? And what patriotic American wouldn't prefer Baseball to an endless quorum call (set to the soothing tones of public domain orchestrations). Perhaps that should be a litmus test, to find out which of those Godless Commies we need to root out of our political system. So tell me, Senator: Do you or do you not support baseball? We'll be watching.


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