Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Last Vestiges Of My Sanity

I know that this is the lamest tool in the blogger's giant bag o' hackery, but induldge me. Work has been beating the crap out of me this week, and besides, it's not like there's anything meaningful to write about. If you want something better, check out one of the 14,000 or so Nats blogs I added to the sidebar.

Without further ado, the top 10 search engine referrals I've had over the last week. (Take your naval-gazing comments elsewhere!)

10: freudian analysis of the characters in comic strip charlie brown
Don't ask me! But I know that I always get frustrated when the girl I'm playing with tugs the ball out of the way at the last minute. I suspect that this particular researcher didn't find what they were looking for.

9: differences in punishment for crack and crank use
Didja ever see Midnight Express?

8: washington nationals starting pitching sucks
I'm guessing that this yielded about 4 million hits.

7: recipe for vomit inducer
Strangely, this page didn't come up. Nor this one.

6: picture of man prayin
Not too much prayin' here lately; we've been damning our fates a lot more. I wonder if this pic came up in the search?

5: midi "a spoonful of sugar"
A MIDI search? Seriously? What are the odds that this person is straight?

4: i have no soul
I'm glad I'm not the only one.

3 (tie): body sox punishment and ball punishment questions
I'm not running either of those through google to see what pops up for fear of the FBI knocking on my door 14 minutes later.

2: who made the first cast iron stove
How many pages with the correct answer did this person have to weed through before stumbling on my site?

1 (tie): chris needham assault and christopher needham dead
I can think of a few people who probably have these searches bookmarked.


  • Who made the first cast iron stove?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2/28/2007 11:55 PM  

  • Hehe! My #1 Google search is "Anita Marks Playboy pics" (or replace Playboy with naked). Now maybe they'll come here instead!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/01/2007 6:21 AM  

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