Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Work Sucks

Hypothetically speaking, of course.

  • The Nats played an intrasquad game yesterday, resulting in a tie. What this proves conclusively beyond any ability to make a rational argument against, is that the team is unclutch.

  • Nook Logan still stinks. 0-3 with a K. I hate rooting for player's failure (Yes, I know that you know that I know that you know that that's a lie, but we'll pretend anyway), but I reallllllly want to see his ineptitude force the team to go in a different direction. If you can waive a player at the end of spring and he clears, as you'd likely be able to do with Logan, it's a pretty good sign that he shouldn't be your starter.

  • Here's Svrluga sympathizing with the fans over the flip-flopping that's going to be required of a Nats fan who wants to watch TV. Hmmm.... there's gotta be some connection with "The PLAN!" since everything that's ever happened, to hear some people tell it, is because of It.

    More later.... maybe.... if I don't go postal.... REDRUM REDRUM

  • Distinguished Senators has some more books for you to read. At least he had the tact to not say that Baseball Dynasties is a perfect book for the can.

  • OMG continues my Gang of 13 series that seems to have whithered on the vine by looking at John Patterson. (Any request for other pitchers I should do? I just can't get excited about Mike Bacsik.)

  • Aaron Gleeman takes a look at the Twins pitching staff and is ruing the Ramon Ortiz contract. It's interesting because he's essentially calling for a PLAN!-like infusion of young talent -- as opposed to the way idiots like me thrashed against parts of it. The big difference is that the prospect pitchers the Twins have actually have some sort of long-term potential. I love Tim Redding and all, but...


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