Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Take Your Meager Scraps

Ah, the winter meetings! When even the lowly Royals fan feels a glimmer of hope. This it the year that Doug Mientkiewicz will lead us to victory! Why it was only last year that Nats fans had the same feeling. Even if they didn't amount to anything, those rumors sure were fun.

This year, we're getting nuttin'. The only prospect is a TRADE FOR MANNY!1!! (Except we wouldn't be acquiring Manny, and we'd be losing the Chief -- not quite what you had in mind, huh?)

Banks of the Anacostia relays one that'd involve us shipping out Cordero and getting Noah Lowry (stats) back. Laughable on the surface, but Lowry isn't completely terrible -- a league average left-handed pitcher who's under team control for four more years. As the beginning of a deal, you could do worse.

There's another crazy-talk deal that'd involve us giving up Cordero AND Lopez. That seems like a non-starter. It's not that Lopez isn't tradeable, but Cordero is marketable on his own. Lopez as well. He shouldn't be a throw-in in a trade.

Rumors are fun, and you know that Jimbo's itching to pull off another one of those "Just Damn!" deals so his rose-cheeked moonface gets on TV once more.

  • Surprisingly, the Mets turned down an offer of Mike Hinckley for uber-prospect Lastings Milledge. Do you suppose that that offer was met with 1) Silence 2) Laughter 3) Anger 4) Silence followed by laughter, then anger when Omar realized that Jim was serious?

  • Ibid. The Nats head trainer quite the team for the most Washingtonian of reasons, family reasons. That it came a day after the Reds renewed their efforts to file a grievance over MajewskiTendi(o)nGate is a complete coincidence.

  • Thom Loverro rightly says that part of the "Customer Experience" that Kasten Krows about so much involves making a minimum effort on the team the actually puts on the field.


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