Wednesday, December 07, 2005

If At First You Don't Suceed, Try, Try, Try, Try Again

With AJ Burnett off the market, what's a GM to do? We know he can't sacrifice Darrell Rasner at the altar of Frank Robinson again. John Halama? Pass.

The answer is, you offer large free agent contracts to every premier pitcher left on the market. Kevin Millwood, Matt Morris, Kenny Rogers, and Jarrod Washburn, C'mon down!

  • Ladson reports they've offered Burnett's 4/40 deal to Millwood. (Barry says he's heard it's higher) Word had floated that the Mariners had offered him 4/44, but Seattle's GM, who's a long-time friend of Millwood's agent, denied them.

  •'s Milwaukee writer reported that Bill Ladson reported (which it doesn't appear that he has) that Bowden had offered 4/40 to Jarrod Washburn as well. Four years is a bit much for a decent, but flawed pitcher. But the Nats are probably going to need to overpay to get a player here -- and there's money in the budget.

  • Morris has had a lot of interest from around the league, notably with the Giants. He's had a solid career, but he'd worry me about, especially with the money he'll get thanks to the competition for his services.

  • Barry says that Bowden says (are you making a chart?) that any offer to Rogers would be for one year plus incentives.

  • Strangely, Jeff Weaver's name is nowhere to be found. Given his durability and flyball tendencies, he seems like he'd be a good fit. I guess there's not enough money in the Munchies budget.

    If this were a baseball video game, I'd be afraid of clicking next day and being stuck with 4 pitchers I didn't really need! Still, that'd be a pretty good rotation. But I don't think Selig would be happy with the payroll!

    Interested in knowing more about the schlubs we're talking to? I looked into their stats and assessed them last month.


    Other crap gleaned from the articles:

  • Bowden is still on the Juan Pierre hunt, but it appears that the Cubs have that all but locked up.

  • The Nationals are looking at Howie Kendrick, a minor leaguer for the Angels to provide depth!? huh?

  • The Dave Roberts/Terrmel Sledge idea was proposed by SD. Bodes views Roberts as a 4th OFer. (Well, so is Sledge!)

  • I'll let Ladson's words speak for themselves. They don't quite make sense to me: "It's seems highly unlikely that the Blue Jays will acquire outfielder Brad Wilkerson, according to a baseball official. Toronto has nothing that Washington wants. As a last resort, the Nats may be interested in right-hander Miguel Batista."

  • Brad Wilkerson to the Pirates for one of their pitchers: Josh Fogg, Kip Wells, or Mark Redman?

  • They're still keeping a flicker of hope alive for a Javier Vazquez trade.

  • From the mouth of the Times to your ears (sort of!): If the Nationals can't land Pierre, veteran speedster Dave Roberts remains a possibility, though Bowden also said yesterday he may be willing to give minor leaguers Brandon Watson, Tyrell Godwin and Bernie Castro a chance to win the leadoff job. You're kidding, right, Jim?

  • The Yankees have expressed interest in Joey Eischen, but the Nationals are expected to re-sign him. They have until midnight before he turns into a pumpkin (or hits the arbitration deadline, either one)


    Distinguished Senators has a look at the free agent market, and continues his infatuation with the camera-slapping Kenny Rogers. (There's a special appearance from Professor Bacon, too!)


    • I think technically Bowden said Roberts would be a 4th OF if we managed to get Pierre, otherwise they'd consider him at CF/leadoff. Now that Pierre's out of the picture...

      Interesting that we haven't heard any mention of Encarnacion at all.

      By Blogger Scott M. Collins, at 12/07/2005 11:43 AM  

    • Roberts wouldn't kill me, if it were for 2yrs or so (he is going to be 34 next year). He does manage to get on base, if not as well as Wilkerson, better than most of our other options.

      Of course, why the hell we've given up on Church is beyond me.

      By Blogger El Gran Color Naranja, at 12/07/2005 2:12 PM  

    • Howie Kendrick ... seriously? That's the first smart thing I've heard about the Nats considering since... well, ever.

      He's an excellent 2B prospect -- I can't do the arithmetic to give you his combined line at A and AA last year, but he hit .342/.382/.579 in 190 AB at AA, with 12 steals. High AVG, low BB and low K, with power. He's 22. Given what the future looks like for this team, this is a guy you'd really, really want if he could be had at a semi-reasonable price. He should be more than ready to go by the time Vidro's legs fall off.

      By Blogger Randolph, at 12/07/2005 3:18 PM  

    • Furthermore...

      All of this other stuff is fine -- Roberts would be OK, Kenny Rogers would be OK -- all low-cost, reasonable moves to help the team not completely suck next year.

      But none of those moves will help this team be a consistent contender. They're stop-gaps, standing in place, when what really needs to happen is to get a bit of rebuilding underway.

      Getting Kendrick would be an indication that at least someone in the organization remotely cares about the FUTURE of the franchise -- something that hasn't really been in evidence thus far.

      By Blogger Randolph, at 12/07/2005 3:23 PM  

    • He's certainly a good prospect. I didn't mean to suggest that he's not. It just seems random to target the acquisition of a minor leaguer -- and why him, instead of any other top prospect?

      Of course, what would we have that the Angels would actually want? Wilkerson for first base? I dunno.

      By Blogger Chris Needham, at 12/07/2005 3:24 PM  

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