Monday, December 04, 2006

Timing's A B***

What should appear in my inbox today? Yep, my season ticket renewal form. With a click or two of the mouse, I can hop on teh interweb and re-up for another exciting year of in-person Nationals baseball. Hey, the "convenience" fee is only $20 this year, an absolute bargain.

And if I hurry up and pay in full by the first of three deadlines, December 19, right in time for the Holidays, I get a Nationals MP3 player!1!1! (Hopefully one that functions better than Jose Vidro.) Presumably, the early deadline is so that the Lerners can get all their grandchildren extra-snazzy Hanukkah presents.

If the Nationals don't care about the 2007 season, why should I? Tickets in my location aren't in great demand. I'm leaning towards not renewing. I've got MASN finally. When 36-year-old Chris Michalak coughs up 6 in the first, I could just change the channel. Maybe to TBS.


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