Thursday, March 03, 2005

Keepin' Score

I like to keep score when I'm at the game. It forces me to focus on the game, and it helpful when trying to remember what exactly did happen four innings ago. Plus, I like having the souvenir for later. I always find it amazing that I can find a scorecard from a game five years ago, look at it, and recall specific plays.

When I've done it, I've always just printed out a sheet, or bought the team's scorecard. But, I'm looking for a scorebook now. I've found a few that look decent, but, for those of you as dorky as me, do you have any recommendations?

I've seen, but the high shipping charge scares me away. I checked out Amazon, and they've got a bunch of crappy ones aimed at HS coaches, with a minimum of space and detail. I've found some of the individual cards from here to be useful, but I'm looking for something bound. Any help is appreciated!


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