Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Negro League History At Union Station

I was walking through Union Station trying to find something for lunch (the chicken wings were yummy, thank you) when I stumbled across an exhibition on the Negro Leagues in one of the wings.

I wandered through it for 15 minutes or so. It's a series of captioned pictures relating the history of the Negro Leagues, starting before Moses Walker and extending through the death of the leagues in the 1960s. It's always nice to be able to connect a face with a name. And there are lots of names covered. Sadly, too much of the coverage of the Negro Leagues only focuses on Satchel Paige and Cool Papa Bell. While players like Frank Grant, Home Run Johnson, Luis Santop, Jose Mendez, etc get short shrift.

If you're in the area, it's worth the 30 minutes or so you could spend looking at the beautiful black and white photos.

The exhibit, which is sadly in part to promote a new DC Lottery game, runs through March 13.


  • Hey, thanks for pointing this out. I probably wouldn't have heard about it otherwise.

    By Blogger Yuda, at 3/02/2005 12:46 AM  

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