Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Terrmel, Vidro and Peteys, Oh My!

  • Terrmel Sledge prefers Tee or Sledgehammer as his nickname. At least it's better than Sledgey.
    "There was 'Terminal,' 'Hormel,' 'Termolt,' 'Termoil,'" Sledge said. "That's why my nickname is 'Tee.' You can call me 'Tee.' It makes it a lot easier."

    Hormel creates some interesting possibilities.

    The rest of the article contains the same sort of whither-Endy questions and brings him up as trade bait again. We'll see. If we did trade him, I can't see anyone giving up the farm for him. He's a solid player, but he's not spectacular. And he's not really all that young--he turns 28 in a few days.

  • Barry Svrluga profiles Jose Vidro today. Welcome to DC, Jose. "This is the place I feel happy," he said. "This is home. My family likes it here. I like it here. What more could I have?"

    You could have a few pennants. That'd be nice! :)

  • Peter Gammons discovers the Nationals. He seems surprised that the team is second in merchandise sales. It simply makes sense. If you're a Royals fan, you've probably already got the hat. Same if you're an LA fan. But, if you're a Nationals fan, you were starting from scratch. Of course, they should be up there. We're making up for lost years. Now, if we're still in second place in a few years, then we'll really have a story!

  • The other Petey, this one of the Havana variety, rears his ugly, bulldog-like head.
    While every other team begins to prepare its TV crew for the regular season and broadcasts a selection of spring training games, the Nationals sit on the sideline. The team's local TV distribution remains tied up in unresolved negotiations between MLB and Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos to protect him financially from the arrival of the Nationals....

    without a deal, MLB is prohibiting Tavares from conducting any formal negotiations toward a TV agreement that would serve as either a placeholder or complement to the forthcoming network.

    The rest of the article focuses on the myriad of tasks left to be done. Better Tony Tavares than me, that's for sure.

    Of note, single-game tickets are targeted for March 14. They're also busy finishing up renovations and disposing of Youppi's mothballed fur. (We hardly knew ye!)