Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Radio Deal Is Set

Oh, wait. It's for the Orioles.

I'm linking only because it's notable that they went with a short-term deal. Obviously, the Nats play into that some how. I have no idea how the TV broadcasting would impact that though. And I've never heard any sort of radio partnership brought up as part of that.

In the meantime, the poor Baltimorians have to suffer through another season of Jim Hunter, who never met an umpire he wouldn't trash for 4 innings or a player he wouldn't become too friendly with and call by his nickname. (I could go on, but I'm practicing restraint today!) Fred Manfra and the entertaining Joe Angel remain on the broadcast too.


  • Angel is a fun announcer. He's certain not to take a mediocre team too seriously, or the broadcast of a simple game itself, for that matter.

    During a game last year, the Orioles had a big inning, and Angel was having a lot of fun. The inning ended, and Angel came back from the break. He started describing the action, and then the producer must have informed him that he forgot to do an advertiser's spot during the big inning that had already past. So he cleared his throat and announced that he had forgotten something VERY important. And he said, very slowly, "That last inning . . . was . . . brought to you . . . by . . . IWIF."

    Well, maybe you had to hear it. But trust me: it was funny.

    By Blogger Basil, at 2/03/2005 8:19 AM  

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