Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Oh, You Mean It Wasn't REALLY Symbolic?

Stadium opponents decided, at least for one day, that the stadium is a good thing because it generates revenue for the city!

In a procedural move, the Council voted on reaffirming the stadium vote, to extend it until Congress has a chance to review the legislation--a standard procedure for DC's bills.

Opponents, led by Adrian Fenty and David Catania moved to kill the temporary measure, believing it would be only symbolic, because the permanent bill is still pending Congressional approval.

After the vote was taken, it was revealed that passing the bill would deny DC any sales tax revenue the team has generated, estimated at $10 million.

Their grand symbolic gesture didn't last too long then. They revoted and approved it. (Though notably, Fenty still opposed it.)

Next thing you know, they're gonna say those traffic cameras are for revenue, not public safety!


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