Friday, November 05, 2004

The Lesson of the Day

Will Carroll is rarely right.

Eric Fisher breaks the story that the new team is now *Drumroll* The Nationals. Headline writers rejoice as the natural (and old nickname) is easily shortened to Nats.
"We're about 10-15 days from having this done," team President Tony Tavares said. "We're getting real close."

Industry sources said Nationals is a near lock to overtake Senators and Grays after a whirlwind, closed-door evaluation that involved focus groups, marketing executives and polling data....

The clear aim is to put caps, shirts and other team merchandise in stores in time for the holiday shopping rush, which begins in less than three weeks, to exploit fans' excitement about the return of baseball to the city.

Nationals was the primary name of Washington's first American League franchise from 1905 to 1957, a period that included a 1924 World Series title. At several points during that long stretch, however, Senators was used as an alternate nickname.

I'm not enthused and I'm not heartbroken. I guess if I had to pick a name, I would've gone with the Federals, just because Feds would make for some good headline puns.

The only thing that concerns me about this name is the mascot. Hopefully they won't abandon Youppi! and replace him with some God-awful NBA-like mascot that's nothing more than an ugly head on a shape-fitting furry suit.