Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Caretaker Jim

MLB has named ESPN'S Cold Pizza TV Analyst Jim Bowden as the Ex-Expos temporary GM. (Here and Here)

Bowden is probably a decent caretaker--he's certainly not afraid to make bold moves. Whether it's trading for Ken Griffey, or trading away your opening day starter a week or two before the season begins, if he thinks it's going to improve the team, he'll pull the trigger. Although not every one of his moves worked at and at times it seemed he was making moves for the sake of making moves, he kept the Reds competitive on a small payroll.

I'm pretty sure that Austin Kearns, Adam Dunn, Scott Williamson were all drafted under his watch.

As long as he doesn't trade for Pokey Reese, I think he'll be a good stop-gap. He certainly can work within the uncertainty surrounding this franchise and guide them during the early stages of the rebuilding before handing off to someone who's a little less of a tinkerer.

When you're at the bottom, it's ok to take the kinds of risks he takes. But as you get closer to the top, you can't always take a flier on the 33-year old pitcher with arm problems.