Thursday, November 04, 2004

Sure.... The Check's In the Mail....

Thanks to the Business of Baseball Blog, comes a story about the poor gullible saps who paid $100 deposits for Norfolk Expos season tickets.
Nearly five weeks after the Montreal Expos announced they were relocating to Washington and not Norfolk, hundreds of Hampton Roads fans who paid $100 deposits for Expos season tickets have yet to receive refunds.

Fans placed deposits for nearly 10,000 season tickets. William Somerindyke Jr., chief executive officer of the Norfolk Baseball Co., vowed in September that the refunds would be received within two weeks. He apologized on Wednesday for the delay, and said those who haven’t received refunds should receive them by Nov. 10.

If I was mean I'd make some comment about the price of stupidity ;)

Instead I'll wonder aloud where all that interest money is going? Hmmm.... ;)


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