Thursday, November 04, 2004

Stadium Creeps Out of Committee

By two separate 3-2 votes the Stadium bill cleared its first hurdles, getting through the Finance and Economic Development Committees. The bill has now been cleared for action by the full DC Council next week. It is believed that there are enough votes for passage on the full council.

Sez the Post:
The legislation would finance construction of a stadium in Southeast Washington along the Anacostia River, at an estimated cost of $440 million to $530 million. The project would be funded through a combination of a gross-receipts tax on the city's biggest businesses, a tax on concessions and an annual rent payment by the team. Major League Baseball has agreed to move the Montreal Expos to Washington in the spring.

The bill includes a community investment fund that city officials say could provide $450 million for schools, libraries and recreation centers, although some council members and activists have said the plan is vague.

We're at the point of no return on the bill now. The opposition probably does not have the votes to defeat the stadium and, even if they were successful, it would just be another black eye on the city