Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Frank Robinson to Stay

Mixed in the articles about Jim Bowden taking the helm of the team, was Bowden's decision about next year's manager.
"Frank Robinson is the manager," Bowden said. "That position is in place, and he is going to manage the team. I have respect for Frank and have known him for many years. He has a lot of knowledge."

I haven't seen Frank Robinson up close, but I've heard that he overworks his pitchers. But looking at last year's stats, only Livan Hernandez (who has proven to be a horse) pitched more than 150 innings. Of courses that doesn't tell you how many pitches they throw per game, or what kind of strain they're having on their arms either.

I do remember some highlights where it appeared he was sleeping in the dugout. That certainly isn't a good sign! Hopefully the new city and some actual crowd noise will help keep him awake.

As in this case too, with the uncertainty surrounding the franchise, Frank might be a acceptable stop-gap. I just don't want to see him managing 3 years from now.