Friday, April 25, 2008

It's A Funny Game!

If you and your buddy were making picks of players to hit a walk-off, alternating players, where would Wil Nieves get picked? Last? Maybe just a pick ahead of the other Wee Willie, Harris? Man!

Did you see that swing?! Up and away junk, and he swung high, driving the ball to right, a sorta excuse me swing that kept going and going and going and GONE! (As Lenny Harris would undoubtedly say as he's pointing at me and telling me to go feck myself, it was to the opposite field!) The ball just sorta floated and floated out there, and not until it cleared the wall did I think it was actually possible for it to leave! Amazing!

Nieves has certainly had the week of his life! He's got a ton of energy back there, and you can just tell that he's dying to stay up, even if the chances of him repeating a week like this ever again are about as great as Kasten sending me a Christmas card.

Wil Nieves!? Wil Nieves!? Not even he probably thought he could do it!

  • I'm tempted to forgo the afterglow for a deconstruction of Manny's borderline-incompetent strategy with the 8th inning, but we'll save it for another time. short version: STOP THE GODDAMN INTENTIONAL WALKS!!!


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