Monday, April 21, 2008

Hitting Coach or Dr. Phil?

Oh fercrissake
"[The hitting] hasn't picked up like I thought it would pick up," [pathetically over-matched hitting coach Lenny] Harris said. "It is a mystery to me. The whole offensive team went from doing well to searching for a base hit. I guess that is a part of baseball. You live and you learn.

"It could be personal reasons and could be something [that made them angry]. I try to talk to each and every one of them [on an individual basis]. I ask them, 'Are you OK? Are there any problems at home.' They tell me they are fine. Those are my guys and I ask them how do they feel. 'Don't go out there and press. Go out there and have fun. There is no pressure on you guys.'"

Maybe if you bake them cookies, Lenny?



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