Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hey, How 'Bout Those Cherry Trees?

Didja see them? They're Byooo-T-Full! And the PlayStation? Did you know we have one? You can build your own Screech even! C'mon up to the Red Porch! What's that? No, don't look over there towards the green grass! Come over here! Did you see Ben's chili bowl! No, don't look towards the mound! I implore you! See! We've got pretzels! They're shaped like our logo! A buck goes towards a good cause! No! STOP IT! Don't look over there! I warned you!

{Ray King fields ground ball}

Please! We have 1,400 concession sales points! We have cup holders! Cup holders! Look over here! Don't look that way!

{Ryan Zimmerman bats}

Noooo! Did you see the Capitol views???

{Ryan Zimmerman fields groundball}

Cherry trees? Try the cherry... awww fark it.

{Colome enters game}


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