Friday, April 25, 2008

Better Approach

The FIRE LENNY!!!! Chorus got a reprieve while they were running the Hudson/Smoltz/Santana gauntlet. No fair blaming him for something the rest of the league can't usually do against them.

But they certainly looked like a new team out there yesterday. I didn't see those lazy opposite-field swings. And the six walks shows they were grinding out ABs. Perez threw 100 pitches in 5+ innings, another good sign. Now some of that is facing a wild pitcher, but it's also a sign that there seemed to be some sort of approach, a plan of attack.

At the same time, think back to the biggest hits in the game. They pulled the freakin' ball for once, and the results showed. They went WITH the pitches instead of trying to aim their hits. The other good sign was all the shots (and this has been true for the last few games) back through the box and up the middle. When you're looking to turn on something for power, it's that soft stuff and those away pitches that you can adjust to and line back through the pitcher's gut.

All good signs, and maybe an indication that Lenny's getting his ass in gear? Or just one of those things? Everyone coming out of a slump together, facing a so-so pitcher. The next week or two'll help answer those.


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