Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Don't Jump...


We know what's wrong. What's going right? (We all need a little more sunshine in our lives!)

1) Nick Johnson is healthy! And look at that .420 on-base percentage!

2) Cristian Guzman has power! A .556 slugging! A .223 isolated power, and those power swings are legit!

3) Lastings Milledge looks great! He really is a fun player to watch, slashing swing, just enough power to be interesting, and just a tiny bit of swagger. Has the team had a player more fun to watch?

4) Doubles power! They're 4th in the league!

5) Saul's arm hasn't fallen off! Other than the one game against Philly, he's been pretty solid.

6) Chad Cordero hasn't allowed a run this season!

7) Matt Chico looks like he might've turned a corner! His velocity's up. His control is better. He's allowing fewer homers.

8) Three out of four of Odalis Perez's starts have been pretty good!

9) Tim Redding, well, he's not been terrible!

10) Ryan Zimmerman hasn't made a throwing error all season! (Thanks, Nick!)

11) Nats second basemen have been errorless, too! (Thanks, Nick!)

12) By Zone Rating, Nick Johnson has been the fourth best fielder at 1B.

13) By Zone Rating, Ryan Zimmerman's the favorite to win the Gold Glove!

14) Austin Kearns has made the 4th best % of in-zone plays of any RFer in the league, and laps the competition with 17 plays made outside the regular RF zone, 7 more than his closest competition.

15) Jesus Colome has allowed just a .227 slugging average against.

16) 2 of the 6 stolen bases allowed by the Nats came against Joel Hanrahan, so maybe the defense hasn't been as bad as it's looked.

17) Jon Rauch's and Luis Ayala's ERAs are higher than they should be given their BB/K/HR numbers allowed, meaning they've pitched better than it's looked.

18) In high leverage situations (those that are most critical to the game's bottom line), Lastings Milledge is hitting .500/ .545/ .625

19) When our right-handers pull the ball, they hit .443/ .443/ .729, when they hit to the opposite field, they hit just .213/ .213/ .298. FIRE LENNY!!! (sorry, I was trying to stay positive, but I couldn't help it)

  • Sure, they suck, but there have been some good things!


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