Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hey, D-Bag

And whose job is it to do that, jerkoff?

“You’re not watching our pitching staff? The decisions are really easy. It’s simple: Get me better pitching,” the GM said. "

He goes on to complain about how much worse the pitching is doing this year.

First, this year: 4.71 ERA (before tonight's game). Last year, 4.58. Factor in RFK, and there's really not a damn bit of difference. It's the shame shitty pitching staff. What the fuck did he expect?

While he's at it, he damn well better release that loudmouth sack of shit, Lo Duca. The tramp-humper TALKS a good game, but unless he's going to load up his fat ass with more horse steroids, he can't hit or field worth a feckin crap. I was on the 'it's ok to go without Flores' bandwagon, but screw it. Cap'n SuckAss ain't cutting it.


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