Friday, April 11, 2008

One More Complaint

(and then I'll write something positive about the stadium, I promise!)

If your row is goddamn empty, you DO NOT NEED TO SIT IN YOUR EXACT SEATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's a picture. X is a person. * is my fat ass. 0 is an empty seat.

This is what I walked in to last night.


Two people walk in and where do they have to sit? Yep. Right there next to me and my friend. So we slid down up against the sweaty people to our right, so the hotdog-eating princess can squeeze her ass in next to me. It's an empty goddamn section!

(Oh, love the standing room around the field, but, please, for the love of Kearns, get some of those railing counters like they have in Philly -- the kind Nats park has at the beer pen area near the scoreboard. It's hard balancing your chili nachos on a railing!!!)

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