Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Real Promo Schedule...Sort Of

OMG, in an attempt to one-up the sweatshop-mined hard work of Ball-Wonk, uncovers the team's draft promo schedule. It's a beauty. My favorites?
Sunday Apr 29th (Mets): 1 for 1 deal. Free souvenir ticket with your price of admission.

Friday September 14th (Braves) Lowes “Team that Stan Built” Kids Night. Every fan in attendance under the age of 12 (ID mandatory - birth certificates must be certified) will receive a stapled printout going over how Stan Kasten built the Braves into the 14 time NL East champion using a strict plan of not trying to sign anyone before the team was ready to compete. “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” will be replaced by “The Plan is Good. The Plan is Great” chant during the 7th inning “Acceptance of what you are told” Flexibility Minute. Basil is not invited.

The rest are damn good too!


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