Tuesday, March 20, 2007

How You Know We Suck

I linked this on the sidebar, but it's too good not to highlight. Ball-Wonk, likely using underage Chinese workers in the Ball-Wonk World HQ sweatshop, compiled the promotional schedule for the Nats games on the road. In other words, this is the list of assorted gimmicks, tchotchkes, and lame promos that opposing teams have to roll out when our crappy team comes to town. They're certainly not going to come out to see Bobby Fick and Joel Hanrahan, but maybe they'll come out for a bobblehead or three.

48 promotions (so far!) in 81 road games. If this were ye olden days, the other teams just wouldn't schedule us. It wouldn't be worth the expense of opening the park when we were in town.

Embarrassing fact #2: The cheapest billionaire owner in baseball, Carl Pohlad, is giving away the best swag on the Nationals promotional schedule so far. Yes, Carl Pohlad is treating fans better than the Lerners. In most billionaire families, being outclassed by the Pohlads is grounds for seppuku.

Where are our bobbleheads, dammit?


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