Sunday, March 18, 2007

I Thought That "I Don't Know" Played Third Base?

The Nats sent Larry Broadway down to minor-league camp today, promoting the fat, drug-abusing, alcoholic, girlfriend-choking, skipping-out-on-court-date, teammate-loathed, defensively challenged, non-HR slugging Dmitri Young.

(You see references in most articles about him to his 'no contest' plea to the spousal abuse charge. What you don't see is that when it came time for sentencing, he changed his plea to guilty to obtain a lighter sentence.)

I know that Broadway's not really any good, but he at least should be given a chance, especially on a team that's on a rocket ride to last place.

Federal Baseball points out that the angst shouldn't be about Broadway's demotion for Young, but that the fact that the worthless Travis Lee wasn't cut. At least I think that's his point -- or one of them. He wrote a lot of words, and my attention span has gone to hell lately.

With the news that Kory Casto is picking up a 1B mitt, that really might be the best option. He, unlike Broadway, has a bit of an upside, and might actually have a 4-5 year career in the league.

I know that Bowden, partially for personal reasons, wants to give Young another shot. And despite my personal dislike for some of his actions, he does deserve a second chance. I just wish it wasn't with us. And I wish it wasn't at the cost of a roster slot or developmental time for someone like Casto or Broadway.

I'm sure they'll trot out the "we can trade him for prospects" card. But that assumes that he's hitting well -- and the kind of prospect you're likely to get back for him is... well... if we couldn't get anyone great for Soriano, what do you think we'll get for him?

And if he's not hitting well? Sure, you can cut him. But then you've just screwed Broadway or Casto out of 125 ABs they should've had.

Oh well. Like all things with this season, does it really matter anyway?

Anyone need some tickets?


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