Friday, March 16, 2007

Spring Renewal

Tom Verducci has an interesting look at all the renewed contracts (ala Zimmerman) there were this year, and some of the reasons why.
[Padres GM Kevin] Towers agreed that the renewal of contracts was an especially popular business tactic this spring, largely because of a split in philosophy with agents about how to value a 16.2 percent increase in the minimum salary, which jumped from $327,000 to $380,000....

"Agents want to negotiate off the minimum," Towers said. "But that $53,000 [increase] is real money going to the player."

This might explain part of the reason why nothing got done with Zimmerman, as agents and owners are tapdancing around these issues, trying to resolve them.

The bright side?
ndeed, the days when players grew angry over renewals seem over, perhaps because of the generous minimum salary or the windfall that awaits players when they get arbitration rights. Renewals even can be the unlikely precursor to a long-term relationship. Jason Bay of Pittsburgh and David Wright and Jose Reyes of the Mets are examples of players who signed long-term deals after being renewed


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