Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Keepin' Score

Though I'm mocked for it by heartless jerks, I always keep score at games I go to. I like how it forces you to pay attention to the intricacies and how it's a nice little souvenir of what you've seen. I can look back at old scorecards now and remember what happened on specific plays and bring back details that are taking space up of things that are actually useful to remember.

When the team came, I wanted to order a scorebook, so I could have something more permanent than the crappy card they overcharge for at the game. After looking at a few, I ended up making my own. For a few bucks at Kinkos, you can get it bound (plenty of good cover choices here) and have something that won't fall apart during the mid-August sweats.

It's got a place to track pitches and enough boxes for plenty of double-switches and extra innings.

If you're interested and would like a copy of it, just send me an email.


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