Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fouled-Off Bunts: Random Links Edition

I'm not giving you everything. If you want more links, check out DOB or WFY. They've got most everything covered.

--Guzman has tendinitis in his shoulder, but should be ok in a few days. He had an MRI yesterday that showed that his labrum had healed, but to get a really good MRI, they have to inject saline into the area, creating soreness, and keeping him out 'til Friday.

--Back before he started writing the same column over and over and over, Bill Simmons had a good one about the standard storylines for every spring training: "Rehabbing pitcher finally healthy;" "Outfielder changes diet, shows up in shape," etc, etc. Here's this year's standard story on clubhouse leaders.

--Chad Cordero's arbitration hearing was yesterday. We should have a decision sometime today. The Post reported yesterday that the team was offering him a two-year deal. All for naught, apparently.

--I mentioned this a week or two ago, but there's a bit more on the Dmitri Young signing. Here's's piece. Meanwhile, his manager from last year, took issue with Young. It was quite a year for young. He got released from a pennant-winning team, went to drug and alcohol rehab, was diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes (geez, could his tip-top physical condition have played a role?), and pleaded guilty to choking his girlfriend after blowing off an initial court appearance.

The guy's life is a mess, and he deserves a second chance. I just don't want it to be on my team; I'd prefer he goes somewhere where I can boo him. He might be a fat guy with a big smile who's great to reporters, but that doesn't make him a good person.

--Interested in pre-sale tickets? They're online here. You just have to figure out what the password is.*

--Looking for your Matt Chico fix?

--Boswell writes some purty-soundin' fluff.

--Manny Acta talks about his managerial strategy here. I haven't watched it yet, but I'm sure it's good, at least based on what I've read from him before. Todd Jacobson offers a summary: less stealing, fewer bunts.


Nats 320 is down in Viera and is hot and heavy with the coverage. There's actually some good material buried in there. Just click, read and scroll! Just A Nats Fan just returned from a weekend trip.

Federal Baseball ties Dmitri Young into a Supreme Court hearing. Somehow it works.

NFA says there's no new stadium for Potomac; Reviews a book called "Growing the Game" and writes about the lessons the Nats need to take from it; Gives us the Nats' Accelerated Minor Leauge Roster (those youngins who aren't headed north who could use a little extra work), and recaps the restructuring/firing of the minor league development staff.

Banks runs down some Cordero rumors.

Distinguished Senators reminds us that T(h)om Loverro is no friend of teh internets.



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