Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Other Diversions

  • Comcast is escalating their public relations war with MASN and Peter Angelos. Anyone else notice that they now sponsor part of the radio broadcasts?

    Comcast blows. But so does Peter.

  • Thom Loverro says the Orioles can only blame themselves for their crappy attendance.

    I agree with him. If they had spent one-seventh as much energy on promoting the team or *gasp* improving it, they'd be better off now.

    It's also interesting to note that despite the success of the Nationals, that the doom and gloom forecast painted by Angelos and his 'studies' aren't coming to fruition.

  • Bud Selig says that Nats should be sold by the end of summer. Of course we were supposed to have one by January too.

  • Double-A All-Star Dee Haynes is the toast of Harrisburg.

  • Nats Blog looks at the numbers at the mid-point.

    Guzman has created a 42-run deficit. That's 4-5 wins, assuming a normal distribution of runs. Oh what could've been!

  • Nationals Farm Authority doles out their first hitter and pitcher of the week awards.

  • Nationals Interest takes a brief glance at the Nationals and the Braves, comparing them position by position.


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