Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Link Dump

The ever-growing list of Nats Blogs continues to burst at the seams. Pretty soon, we'll be doing our imitation of the Johnstown Dam.

Nationals Farm Authority is your look at the depression-era wasteland that is the Nats farm system.

Nationals Interest takes one of the last Nationals-related puns available and blogs up a storm.

Nats Blog had two intersting posts. (Well, they've had more than that over the life of the blog, but two recently!)

-- One quantifies what we've qualified: Luis Ayala's arm is hanging by a thread.

-- The other talks about the suckage of the bunt. (We've been overdue for a good bunt rant!)

Over the last month or so, there've been a few other sites that've popped up that I'm not as good about pimping as I should. Check out the links in the right column. There's some really good stuff there.