Monday, July 11, 2005

Nationalsized Health Care

  • Nick Johnson had a 'relapse' with his injured heel, meaning he's not back right after the break like the team had hoped.

    Nobody knows nuttin'.

  • Meanwhile, Ryan Church looks like he's on pace to be back right after the break, as he's been playing regularly for Harrisburg.

  • Tony Blanco got in the game yesterday, but is pretty much left to pinch-running duties.

    His vertigo would've been the perfect time to disable him and game the Rule-5 system.

    Because he was taken in the Rule-5 draft, the Nationals can't send him to the minors. If they did, Cincinnati would reclaim him, unless we worked out a trade. (Which is unlikely with Cinci's management and their hatred of Bodes)

    But you can disable him. Then, when he's healthy, farm him out for a rehab assignment, which as Zach Day is learning, can last as long as thirty days.

    If they 'disabled' him for long enough (the end of the month), they could rehab him during August and bring him back to the majors for September, when the rosters can expand to 40 men.

    All teams game the system like this. I have no idea why we're not.

  • Nationals Farm Authority looks at the in-house possibilities for a Junior Spivey replacement.