Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Trading Spaces

The on-then-off-then-on-then-off Preston Wilson to the Nats trade is back on.

The players are still the same. Out goes Zach Day and JJ Davis. In comes Preston Wilson.

The only quibbling is over the money. Wilson is owed about $5.5 million. The Nats only want to pay $2 MM. The Rockies want another $500K. If it's that little, the deal will get done.

I've made my case against the trade before. Here's the thumbnail again.

--It's not a ton of value to give up. Day's useful, but not with FRobby as manager. Davis is junk.

--Wilson isn't an upgrade over the team's current non-Byrd outfielders.

--If this takes playing time from Ryan Church, who's outhitting Wilson despite playing in a extreme pitchers' park and Wilson playing in the best hitters' park in the league, it's a bad deal.

--Wilson is a pretty poor defender, and if Wilkerson moves to center, as he's talked about, the defense will suffer, and the pitchers' ERAs will rise.

  • The other news from the article is the Nats' interest in left-handed reliever Mike Stanton.

    Ugh. Stanton was ripped to the tune of a 7+ ERA this season. He had a superficially acceptable 3.16 ERA just last year for the Mets, but he wasn't especially effective. If there was a runner on base when he came in, that runner was scoring more often than not. His ERA came through unscathed, but the poor pitcher before him suffered.

    Plus, he's not especially tough on left-handed batters. Even during his prime, he was frequently just as, if not more, effective against righties.

    He's not a true lefty specialist. Frank will learn that very quickly. He's not the person you want facing Bobby Abreu with the game on the line.

  • What will be interesting is the transactions the team will make if these moves go through. Does the team stick at 11 pitchers, probably demoting Kim, or do they go to 12, dumping Cordero or DLing Blanco?

    Only Bodes knows.

    I'd DL Blanco for Stanton. If the Wilson trade goes through, I dump Cordero. But when have they ever listened to me? (Other than on the Spivey trade! :P )