Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hey, Bill Collins! How's That All-Star Break Going?

Employees of a Greensboro, NC club managed by Bill Collins (savior of DC baseball or leader of the Virginial Cabal, depending on your point of view) are suing him, and the company, claiming unpaid wages.

Six employees filed suit against The Rhino Legends, Horshok and a third defendant, William Collins of Fairfax County, Va. who is named in the lawsuit as a manager of the company. . .

The lawsuit requests $12,563 for unpaid wages and salaries, an additional $12,563 for breach of contract and compensation for attorney’s fees. Umphenour said the amount requested by the lawsuit totaled $35,600.

The lawsuit also states that the plaintiffs believe The Rhino Legends is facing insolvency and has incurred federal and state tax liabilities of about $13,600.

Somehow, I don't think the MLBPA would be quite as forgiving.