Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Game Day: Day!

Weebles Day goes for the Nats against the Pot Fiend Jeff Weaver.
Talk about it Here! (Thanks, Yuda!)

A classic battle of good versus weeble if there ever was one.

This is a pretty important game for Weebles. With change afoot (namely Armas and Vargas on their way back) he's going to need to pitch well to keep his job, especially with the 6-inning gauntlet Tomo Ohka just threw down.

Frank, based on his 'why would be need another pitch when he can't control the ones he has' speech, seems all-too-willing to throw Weebles under a bus. Day can't afford to give him any ummm.... daylight.

Back in spring training, they talked about Day in the pen. Depending on how he pitches tonight, that's an increasingly likely proposition.