Friday, February 25, 2005

WTEM To Convert To Fiddle Music

Second fiddle music, that is. After getting rebuffed in their efforts to get the Nationals broadcasts, the increasingly banal WTEM is settling for the Orioles.
The O's games would no doubt rotate between WTEM-AM (Sports Talk 980), WWRC-AM (Progressive Talk 1260) and WTNT-AM (570).

Terms of the deal are near completion and it would be a cash deal much like those the O's have done in the past in D.C.

Ol' Mister Williams speculates that WTEM might use this year as an audition to show the kind of coverage they could produce, because the Nationals' current deal is only for one year.

Although, he also suggests this, eroding any credibility he may have:
My guess is they will slant the sports talk towards the hometown team. I have no doubt "The John Thompson Show" and "The Sports Reporters" will have plenty of Nationals talk.

I'm sure they'll squeeze that in after the lecture about how hard coaching is, how much 'heart' the Redskins need, and who their 6th-round draft pick should be.


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