Sunday, January 30, 2005

While Strollin' Through The Blogs One Day...

It was a busy weekend for Washington Baseball.

John, at Nationals Pastime recounts his trip to the SABR meeting and Kevin Uhlich's presentation. He touches on stadium progress, the ticketing process and the plans for the upcoming year.

Ball-Wonk links to a post from someone who attended the Health and Fitness Expo to meet the Ex-Expos, Bluegrass Brad Wilkerson and Brian Schneider. According to Ball-Wonk, there was a hobbit there as well.

Nationals Inquirer continues his Nat-O-The-Day series. Today, he's focusing on Cristian Guzman, but mostly on the continuing conundrum that is his defense. He builds on my theory that the Metrodome turf might have been the cause of his poor defensive numbers. The Inquirer looks at the evidence.


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