Thursday, January 27, 2005

How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

Ok, Maybe they are trying. They're doing the exact opposite of what the Orioles are doing--the kind of creative and aggressive thinking that they should be pursuing instead of rolling up into a ball and crying for mommy.

That's the difference between the management styles of Dan Snyder and Peter Angelos, I guess.

The Redskins, along with a number of other football teams, are forming a group, the Gridiron Stadium Network, to promote and book concerts and other events at their mostly unused stadiums.

With RFK set to be occupied for most of the summer and the prospects of a shiny new stadium on the beautiful stinky waters of the Anacostia, this is a good time for the Redskins to strike out on their own and grab their claim of the market.

The Orioles seem afraid or averse to these kinds of moves. Right now, it just appears they're content to sit back, see what baseball offers. And, if it doesn't appease their sensibilities, to sue the bejeesus out of them, hoping the court delivers another victory for Pete's wallet.

Despite their differences on this sorta thing, we can't forget that Pete and Snyder share one thing in common: a stunning inability to put their business acumen to use to put a winning team on the field.


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